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Tapani Rantanen
Vocals & Guitars

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Jukka Kurkinen

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Mika Immonen

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Our history

In the beginning there was only Janne, the guitarist, who was drinking heavily with his brother. He met Riina Pentikäinen, the drummer, and came up with an idea of a band. They asked Tapani to join the band as a lead guitarist and started to train in a garage in Kerava. They arranged few songs and threw one gig at Sotunki College, before they asked Joni Ryymin to do the singing. This happened in year 1998. 

Year changed and Joni has just joined the band before their second gig at Kerava high school. Band was called Avatar at the time. Riina freaked out and they had to split for a while. Janne and Tapani threw a dedicational gig to Riina at Sotunki once again. 

They rejoined in January 2000 with new arrangements. Tapani became singing guitarman and Joni became bass playing vocalist. They also found a new member: Dan, the keyboarder. Dan turned out to be a marvelous net hack, a computer guru and outrageous homepage creator, so we decided to create  this homepage. It has been in net since 10.1.2000, but the final version saw daylight  20.1.2000.

Lots of stuff happened during the year 2000, two long-time members Joni and Riina left the band, and two new members joined us. Mika Mutkala, our new guitar player, is a long time friend of Tapani and Janne. Janne decided to move over to bass. And the new drummer, Jukka Kurkinen, is working in the same place as Tapani. When Riina left, Tapani asked Jukka to join the band.

The year 2001 went by. Nothing special happened until late winter. Two long time members, Dan and Janne left the band. Things didn't look too good.

Then came the year 2002. Dan rejoined the band and our boys found a new bass-player, Mika Immonen.
And the first demo-album of Dawn Of Eternity is recorded in the late of January. Album is called Call Of The Wild.

Then we come to Autumn of 2002. Band starts to record their second demo-album, but recordings were forced to stop because both Mika's and Dan had to leave the band for personal reasons. Tapani and Jukka began to search for new members. In couple of weeks Tapani was able to find two new members, Mikko Lindholm to guitars and Tim Muhonen to keyboards. But after few days Tim decided to look for other band, something more progressive like. But only one week later Tapani found another keyboard player, Riikka Räisänen.
Band still had to find a new bass player. But not for long.
Mika Immonen called Tapani a week later and asked if he could rejoin the band. Band line-up was complete again.

In February of 2003 band decided to record a new demo-album but Jukka broke his fingers in a hockey-game accident. Demo-recordings had to be moved. But before the recordings started, Mikko decided to leave the band. Again things looked pretty bad.

In March of 2003 Tommi Ahtila joined the band as a new guitarist. Band found a talented guitar player and a great songwriter. So Tommi and Tapani became the main-songwriters.
Week later Riikka called Tapani and told him that she had to leave the band because of personal reasons.

Band decided to record their next record without a keyboard player. "Unleash The Tiger" was recorded in 2003. Tommi and Tapani played keyboards on the record.
But soon after the demo was recorded, Tommi decided to leave the band. This was allmost the end of Dawn Of Eternity. But Tapani said that this can't be the end. We WILL find another guitarist and we WILL continue our playing.

The saga will continue... on and on...


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