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Mika Immonen
Bass guitar

Location: Vantaa, Finland
Year of birth: 31.10.1972
Bad habits: What are those? :)
Job: a process-director
Favorite drink: Sometimes good wine or something (you can say I am bit booring...but who said that musicians have to drink heavily?).

Here is my story:

I was born in Helsinki. The year was 1972.
So I am bit old to this band but who cares? Not me!

Like our drummer Jukka I practice bass guitar by my self. My biggest influence is Mr. Steve Harris, and of course Iron Maiden. Some people said that my "sound" and technique is more and more like him. Maybe they are right cause I´ve played bass since I was about 8 or 10 or something and almost nothing else but Iron Maiden. Well of course there is some others too but biggest is Maiden.

There was few years (about 6 or 7) when my homemade guitar was in closet. But nowadays it is my "other hobby". My sister and her husband made me new a guitar and it sounded so good and looks like really good too.

My cardinal hobby is Karate (I am one of the two teachers of Tapani). It is my hobby no. one since 1988, when I get my fist belt, yellow. So I've been practising karate now for more than 13 years...
I think the best moment of my life is when I got the black belt. It was 1999 and I still remember like it was yesterday. Tapani was there too then. I remember Tapani´s reaction and everything else from that day. wow!

The band took me so well in.... and It's fun to play with them.
This is my first good band so...


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