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Tapani Rantanen

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Date of birth: 8.11.1980
Bad habits: Bossing around
Job: a courier
Favorite drink: Koff III

Hello everybody!

We decided to put some info about ourselves to these pages. So here is my story:

I was born in 1980 in the city of Pori, Finland.
I moved to Vantaa at the age of 15.
I have always liked music, but never had the chance to play anything 'til I met Janne. Janne taught me few tricks and I started to practice at home a lot.
We founded my first band. It was called Disillusion. After Disillusion we played together in several different projects.
And about a year I played with Lustig-brothers. That was also first band where Mika Immonen and I played together. After that I took some break.
Then Janne contacted me. I joined his band Avatar as a lead-guitarist. After few line-up changes Avatar changed to Dawn Of Eternity.

Dawn Of Eternity had a little break in the year 2000 and I joined in a band called Alliance. But Dawn Of Eternity found a new place to train in and I was back in my own band.
During the early days of Dawn Of Eternity me and Dan Vaaranen founded a side-project, black metal band called Kärsimys MAXIMUS which is on a break for now. Meaby for good... but who knows?

My first guitar was my self-made "stratocaster". It actually worked pretty well. I bought my "RR" few years ago and have never regret it.

My biggest influences on guitar are Timo Tolkki, all guitarists of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Metallica and many others.
On vocals: Michael Kiske, Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Halford and so on.

My other hobbies are Karate, in wich I have gained a brown belt, and of course some Heavy Metal drinking takes place...
I also like to sing in karaoke-bars. Friends think I'm nuts, but I just like to sing.

So here's a little piece of my life. See you around!
Hail to metal!

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