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Enjoy your visit here and let the dawn be eternal!

------ NEWS ------


We finally have our new demo rwady and mixed. Go to discography-pages to look for some info and sound-samples.
As soon as we have a new guitarist and a new keyboard-player we can think of some gigs or something.


I have some bad news AGAIN!!! Tommi has left the band. Now we have to find a new guitarist, AGAIN!
Demo is allmost finished. Only mixing and then that's it.


We're still looking for a new keyboard-player. If YOU are interested send email.


Demo is almost finished. Only vocals and keyboards need to be recorded and then we begin the mixing. Recordings took a bit more time than we expected.

This demo contains the last of the "old songs" we have composed. When this demo is ready, we begin to compose new songs. Actually two new songs have already been composed and it looks like our style will be a bit different.


Recordings of the new demo has began.
This time recordings will be done OUR WAY so hopefully the result will be MUCH better than the last demo.


Riikka has left the band because of personal reasons. Now we're searching for a new keyboard-player. If you wish to be our new keyboard-player you can take contact by e-mail.


We have a new guitarist. Tommi Ahtila has joined the band. His biography will be added soon.


Line-up is changing again. Mikko has left the band. Dawn Of Eternity wishes good luck to him in the future.
Now we are looking for a new guitar-player.


We were forced to move our recordings. Jukka has broken his fingers in a hockey-game and can't play in couple of months. We just have to wait until he's recovered from the injury.


Little update to these pages again. I moved our older news to the news archive.


Hello again. Things are looking in the band. New songs written and recordings of the new demo will begin soon. I also added a Dawn Of Eternity winamp skin to media-section. Go check it out.


Dawn Of Eternity wishes happy new year to everyone. I also updated these pages again. More news coming up.


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