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Our band is going through difficult times. Our two long-time members, Dan and Janne have left us. We're looking for new members. I hope we will be back in business soon.


Jees, I've finally changed the pages to use CSS so every page should have a similar style..

We've also got a new training-place now, and good one this time, so now things should be going a better direction. Hail!


A lot of changes again, both graphical and structural, lots of new pictures and info about the members.


Yesterday we got the 1000th visitor for our webpage :)..thanx to all you who have visited us! We would still prefer more feedback, email or entries to our guestbook.


Uhh! Now we got the pictures from our new members, and replaced also the old ones. We've been training now a few times, watch out for more news!


Yes! We finally found a place to train in... plus 2 new members: Mika and Jukka... more news coming soon...


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