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Hello all you metal-maniacs. I just wanted to let you all know that reherseals are going well and new members are great. We're planning to record a new demo in spring. Or meaby we start at late winter. We'll be recording all our songs. Even the old demo will be re-recorded with our new line-up.


Good news just keep on coming. Mika Immonen rejoined the band. Line-up is complete.


New keyboard player found! Yesterday Riikka Räisänen joined the band.


Sorry that I've been keeping you waiting. Things are looking much brighter now. Tapani found a new guitar player, Mikko Lindholm. Band is still searching for a keyboard player.


Sad news! Mika Mutkala, Mika Immonen and Dan leave the band because of personal reasons. Tapani and Jukka begin to search new members.


Lots of minor updates in the site. We're also started to record new stuff last week at our own "homestudio", and we may be re-recording some songs we already did at the studio because we're not quite satisfied with them..


Changed a lot of (outdated) pictures, took away some material which was corrupted by the server in some strange way..more to come, of course!


Okay, updated (new)re-mixed versions of the demo-songs. There's not much we could do to the material because we only have the mixdowns. The samples are now one minute long.


Greetings freaks! We finally got our first real demo recorded last tuesday at Arkki, Vantaa. We've put some mp3's for your enjoyment in the songs-section.

Oh, and if you didn't notice, we have a new lay-out, again. Hope you like it's better than the last one..


Hail to everyone and a happy new year. It's been a while since any news has been written to these pages. A lot has happened. Firstly I'm glad to announce that we're heading for studio at 28.01.2002. Our first demo will be recorded then. Some samples will be added to our site. And then more good news. Dan has returned. He will be playing keys to us from now on. And we have found ourselves a new bass-player. His name is Mika Immonen. I'll get back to you as soon as we have finished our demo.


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