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Unleash The Tiger

1. Mindreader
2. Unleash The Tiger hear it!
3. War Between Pharaoh And Son (instrumental) hear it!
4 . Call Of The Wild


Tapani Rantanen: Guitars, Vocals & Keyboards
Tommi Ahtila: Guitars
& Keyboards
Mika Immonen: Bass
Jukka Kurkinen: Drums

Recorded at Dawn Of Eternity-lair at May-June 2003
Mixed by Dan Vaaranen & Tapani Rantanen
Produced by Dawn Of Eternity

Cover art by Katja Hirvonen


Music: T. Rantanen
Lyrics: T. Rantanen

On the day I met her I knew what she was
One heartbreaking bitch, she would take me down
There are no secrets, she knows what I think
Oh, how she loves to play, she won’t leave me be

Fighting, fighting for my life
Betrayed by the witch of love
Fighting, fighting for my mind
Fell in love with a Mindreader

When I saw her eyes my mind began to scream
How was I supposed to know that girl so pretty is a man-eater witch
I tried to hide my secrets but I couldn’t clear my mind
Now she knows even darkest things, Oh no, those eyes…

Repeat chorus:

In my life I’ve never seen
Girl so pretty and mean
Loves like a cat, ready to attack
To tear you apart

Repeat Chorus:

Unleash The Tiger
Music: T. Rantanen
Lyrics: T. Rantanen

You locked the cage and you can keep it
Always that way but I tell you it won’t last
The golden key, I found it I keep it
Once you had it but you through it away
I won the game

Unleash… Unleash the tiger
Let the beast… Let the beast run free

Cage is open and the beast walks out
She’s the beauty and the beast in the same
How I want her and I will have her
She will be mine, the look in those eyes
I won her heart

Repeat chorus:

I saw it in your eyes
You needed someone
Someone to guide you
I’m the one

I know it is so hard
To trust in me
But I am the one
Come with me

Repeat chorus:

War Between Pharaoh And Son (instrumental)
Music: T. Rantanen

Call Of The Wild
Music: M. Mutkala
Lyrics: T. Rantanen

Moon is full tonight
Snow covering the trees
Pack of beautiful wolves
In this cold winter night

They will run in the night
They will howl at the moon
They will hunt to stay alive
It’s the call of the wild

Stars shining above
Wolves are stalking their pray
Eyes are glowing in the night
Grey shapes are moving fast

Repeat chorus:

See the great white one
Climb on the highest hill
There he starts to howl
This is the call of the wild

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Copyright © Tapani Rantanen & Dan Vaaranen 2002